Data Health Check

Get a Comprehensive Datafile Health Report

Do you already have a bookkeeper? Are you absolutely sure they are working smartly, efficiently and not making mistakes?

Take a backup of your file or grant me access to your Xero file and I'll spend one hour of my time checking what I know to be the most common errors made by less experienced bookkeepers. I'll also check the integrity of the information entered and make sure all reconciliations have been done correctly. 

You'll get a written report at the end with suggestions on what to do next... how to fix any errors, whether your bookkeeper needs more training and so on. 

Over the years, I have saved several companies not only a great deal of money, but I have given them piece of mind in one way or another. 

Companies also hire me to oversee their bookkeeper on a monthly or quarterly basis, or to complete jobs their current bookkeeper is not qualified to do. 

Do you know what mistakes to look for in your data file? I do!

Anywhere, anytime, connect to your bookkeeping from any device with a browser and an internet connection! Let us consider your bookkeeping needs and recommend the right Xero version for you, including versions only available to Xero Partners.

Do beautiful accounting with Xero.